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Paul Madonna writes and draws the weekly series All Over Coffee, which is published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on TheRumpus.net. He is the author of two books, All Over Coffee (City Lights 2007), and Everything is its own reward (City Lights 2011), which won the NCBR Recognition Award for Best Book in 2011. Paul’s work has been published internationally in numerous books and magazines, exhibited in galleries and museums, including the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco and the Oakland Museum of California, and printed as large scale murals for Tacolicious restaurants and Starbucks. He is the Comics Editor for TheRumpus.net, has taught drawing at the University of San Francisco, and frequently lectures on creative practice. He holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and was the first (ever!) Art Intern at MAD Magazine, for which he proudly received no money. Paul travels internationally to draw and write, and currently lives in San Francisco.

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maggie_hurley_1024x1024MAGGIE HURLEY

“Armed with my grandmother’s artistic proclivities, a stack of Brian Froud books, and some watercolors, I taught myself to paint when I was a kid. I spent a year and a half at an art school in Southern California (the Laguna College of Art & Design), which I adored, and have continued honing my skills ever since. My creative process starts with either an idea of what I’m going to make, research for some source material and careful planning before getting started OR, I just sit down with a pencil and my sketchpad and will something into existence. Sometimes I’m convinced that there are at least three different artists holed up in my head.
I have a few recurring characters: some little creatures that are mostly robot with a splash of something a little more delicate, some jaded women with an attachment to the science behind love, and my grumpy little owl called Herbert, and a bevy of bird portraits. I also do children’s portraits, and the occasional flower or piece of fruit, but my work tends toward the light and smile-inducing, which isn’t necessarily the way to go if you want to be taken seriously as a more traditional gallery artist.
I like to draw or paint just about anything, from day dreams to a piece of fruit that looks too pretty to eat. I can’t seem to stick to one medium. Sometimes I like the ease of watercolor, or the texture of oil. Sometimes I like to get my fingers thick with clay.
I find inspiration in the way light bounces off of skyscrapers and am equally enthralled by the views of clouds from airplane windows. My work celebrates the wonder in everyday things often taken for granted.” Maggie Hurley



Sirima Sataman is the artist/owner of ink.paper.plate shop and studio in Point Reyes Station, California.She studied sculpture, printmaking and fiber arts at the Claremont Colleges, the American University in Rome, Italy and Temple/Tyler University in Rome, Italy. She received her BA in Fine art from Pitzer College in Claremont California. She has taught workshops, given artist lectures, and demonstrations for the University of California Santa Cruz Extension, Academy of Art University, and various educational organizations.

“Making art is an experience that is highly influenced by the place, the materials, and the process. After years of running by appointment workshops and periodic events through a studio in my home, I decided to expand to a combined studio and retail shop in Point Reyes Station where both my patrons and I would be inspired by the abundant beauty, history, and richness of West Marin.

Opening my doors to visitors allows me to meet interesting new people daily, hear their perspectives, and share the experience of creating. During the week, I make handmade things ranging from letterpress stationery to silk-screened textiles to fine art prints in my studio. During the weekend, the studio + shop is open to the public and I offer an array of creative gatherings and workshops for all levels.

Planning a day trip or holiday in West Marin and have some time to spare? Stop by to browse through the affordable art and handmade goods in the shop, set aside a couple of hours to create something with friends and family, or block out a whole day for a hands on workshop that will make your visit to the coast truly memorable.” – Sirima Sataman

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